Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not the Dove Girl

Following work yesterday Mark and I regrouped at the house. My job was to start on the guest room, while Mark took on the ceilings in the living room and hallway. Painting ceilings is hard! Even with the pole thingy, you have to look up constantly, and neck pain sets in pretty quick.

I painted three of the walls in the guest room. I am in love with the color. It's so calm -the room really feels like a retreat. I was enjoying the retreat yesterday until my jump method backfired on me. You see, I have this painting method that requires minimal ladder usage. I edge on a ladder, but once I have edged, I jump up and down to reach the spots that are too high. In case you are wondering, jumping leads to splattering, and splattering leads to eye washing. A nice glob of paint landed right smack dab in the middle of my eye ball. Mark was quick to check the paint can for the instructions which told us to flush my eye with water for fifteen minutes. That did the trick, but I was not happy... Needless to say, I have ceased use of the jump method.
Today, we had a lot of help today from Mark's friend Russ and David's friend Adam. I focused on the guest room today. I painted the accent wall and touched up the rest of the walls. I also pulled up the edges of the carpet to paint the moulding.
Mark and Russ sanded the door jams in the house so that we can paint them and not worry about the doors sticking to them or not fitting. Mark went out and got a Craftsman Mouse Sander to help with the job.

The bathroom is still in the works, but it is coming along nicely and will be finished on Monday. Here I am taking an imaginary shower. I tried to find the Dove commercial from 2007 that everyone told me looked just like me, but I can't track it down for a side by side. If anyone can track it down, let me know!

Alright. We're beyond pooped. Goodnight!

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Mean Rachel said...

Looks like they pulled the commercial down but I did find the blog post I wrote about the Dove girl looking just like you. I'd forgotten she commented on it!

And your shower is looking great. Not you taking the shower, I mean, but the tiles and whatnot.