Friday, August 7, 2009

Single-handedly supporting our economy

Ok, perhaps not, but it certainly feels like Mark and I are spending enough to pull the country out of this recession and in the mean time, creating our own personal mini-recession.

We're on the home stretch! Carpet gets installed tomorrow. 800-5-8-8-2-300 Empiiiiire. (If that doesn't evoke a jingle in your head, then you obviously don't watch enough television.) Yep! We went with Empire Today for our carpet. We originally had Home Depot come out and measure, but after getting a quote that was much higher than we were expecting, Mark took the initiative and called Empire, like the commercial told him to, and we had them out that same day to measure. They beat Home Depot by over $400, and even threw in the $50 that we had paid to get Home Depot out to measure. Not too shabby.

We also ordered our shower door yesterday. Much more $$ than I ever expected. Thick glass ain't cheap, that's for sure. We ordered through Lowe's (they outsource to Holcam). We originally were going to go with Direct Shower Door, but after a horrible experience with their customer service, we opted to go elsewhere. *Donna, if you're reading this, you should really work on your skills* We're going with a frameless glass door with brushed nickel hinges and handle.

The master bathroom is in the home stretch. I know, just one more day right? We were told by so many people that timelines are always off when it comes to home construction. It's looking good though, and is definitely worth the wait. I will post photos this weekend. David has also begun tiling the guest bath, so Cliff and Esteban, you guys won't have to trounce around on sticky cement when you visit!

And of course what you're all probably curious about, the french door is in!!! The second attempt was much smoother than the first. The framing still needs to be sealed and smoothed both inside and out, but the door is in, tile is in, and it looks faaaabulous!


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looks great!!!!!!!!! dad