Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wall Pockets

See if you're not me, you're reading that title just normal, where as I read it like Jim Gaffigan's Hot Pocket comedy bit. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching for a hearty laugh.

Similar to what Jim Gaffigan says about Hot Pockets sending you racing to the bathroom, our wall pockets have had a similar effect on me -not for gross purposes of course, but just to see them!

Our shower has three pockets built into it. Two are on the side opposite the faucet to hold shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
The third is on the same side as the faucet and houses the handheld shower. The beauty of this is if you're looking straight on to the shower, from lets say the toilet, you don't see it! The handheld shower pocket has a step built into it which was originally to work around the framing/pipes of the shower; however, the ledge is perfect for setting down a razor.
There is an additional pocket in our bathroom, just to the left of the vanity, where an old rusty medicine cabinet used to be. We had the pocket framed to be a square and tiled to match the shower. We will most likely use this pocket to house candles or other decorative objects.
The bathroom is pretty much done now. The vanity will be put in its place today, and then it's just a matter of touching up the paint and waiting for the shower door to be installed.

Mr. Sink Face, how do you feel about being put in your place?


tali said...

I love your hot pockets, i mean wall pockets. But even more, I love the hardware for your shower.

Shiriously said...

Tali - Thank you! I haven't posted any photos of the ceiling shower head yet because it was covered last night. I'll do some more photos once everything is put together.