Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parlez Vous French Doors?

Pardon my absense over the last couple of days. The strain of working a full day at work and then going directly to the house and working til 10 is starting to wear on Mark and I. We're keeping it up, but it makes blogging a little harder.

Yesterday was a day filled with great things. Our friend Rick came over and helped us prime the guest room. He did an awesome job and the room is ready for me to paint today after work. I decided to give Lowe's Valspar paint a shot, and will be painting the room Ancient Olive and an accent wall of Brown Buzz. Very soothing and neutral.
Our friends Adrienne and Brian brought over some Z Pizza and enjoyed a meal with us at the big dining table that Brian helped Mark transport the other day. Mark and Brian also schlepped to Lowe's to pick up the eight foot french door that I had purchased earlier in the evening. It was so nice of them to lend a helping hand (and truck!). The door was maaaaassive and weighed a ton. It took the four of us to get it off the bed of Brian's truck.
The door will be replacing the horrible aluminum glass sliding door in the living room. It has a huge crack that spans the width of one of the panels. If you are shopping for an 8' french door, I recommend Lowe's. We shopped around. The door was $675 at Home Depot and originally $654 at Lowe's, but recently reduced to $599. We also had a 10% off coupon which made the deal even sweeter. The installation at both stores costs about the same as the door itself, so if you know someone who is handy enough to help you do it, you'll save a big chunk. It comes pre-framed, so it's more a matter of fitting it perfectly to the opening and making sure there are no gaps and all is sealed. The installation will happen early next week. The frame has two 3' doors and then two flanking 1' windows that are screened and swing open. It will be so nice to enjoy the evening breeze in our living room, sans bugs.
The tiling in the master will begin today and our bathroom should be finished tomorrow. Woohoo!!!!

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tali said...

Make sure that you show these to cliff when he comes to visit and let him know how good our bedroom would look with a new set of doors. As would the dining room. Mmkay? Thanks.