Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving day - Part (day) 2

Our move is complete! We spent yesterday morning getting the last of our furniture from the condo and cleaning up. Mark recruited quite a team for the day's tasks. We had a total of eight guys there to help, so we were done pretty quick.
Once we were finished and enjoyed our pizza and beer, we went food shopping and stocked our fridge for the first time. -Not quite upright celery sticks or a cake on a pedestal, but tons of fruits for my blending pleasure, veggies, condiments, meat, cheese, and the standard assortment of frozen food from Trader Joe's.
I am so happy with our new blender! This morning, I made banana, nectarine, and mango smoothies.
In other news, Mark and I are loving our shower! The rain shower head from the ceiling is awesome and such a great way to wake up in the morning. I only needed two snoozes today! We hit a slight bump with our plan of making it so that we can switch from the handheld shower to the ceiling. Our water pressure is insane, which makes the water come out of both shower heads when you try to switch to the handheld, so today, David is installing a valve that closes the opening to the overhead one when we want only the handheld. Sounds complicated, but it's really a quick and easy fix.
I'll try to do a walkthrough video some time this week...

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