Monday, December 27, 2010

And the clouds parted

Shortly after posting my last entry on Weds, the rain finally stopped and the sun peaked through. Mark and I were both home early from work, and after suffering from some major cabin fever for a week, Mark had the brilliant suggestion that we get out of the house and go on a bike ride.

And so we rode. We took a route that's fairly familiar to us that passes through a nice park in our neighborhood, where on nicer days, it's fun to bring our gloves and play catch. Mark suggested we travel through the park rather than go around it. I rode a bit ahead, when suddenly I heard a crashing noise and Mark yelling. Man down. That's not what he said, but I turned around to see him on the ground next to his collapsed bicycle. I turned my bike around and walked it back towards him.

Me: What happened?!

Mark: I slipped.

Me: Let me see your hands

(I expected his hands to be scraped, because that's what I remember of every time I've fallen off of my bike.)

It was at this point that Mark (still on the ground) reached over to my bike, put down the kickstand, and lifted himself onto one knee and pulled a box out of his pocket. He made a beautiful proposal, much of which is a blur, as I was so surprised/confused/shocked at the moment. All I know is I said yes and was giggling uncontrollably out of excitement and happiness.

As we got back on our bikes to ride back to the house, we were greeted with the largest rainbow either of us had ever seen, which I have since learned was a double rainbow. I'm not one for mushy, serendipitous talk, but in that moment, I knew everything had fallen into place just the way it was meant to.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Effin' Rain

As you can probably guess by the title, I'm so not a fan of the rain, and the week straight of it that we've had here in So-Cal, I could frankly do without. This is not why I moved to California. The view out my window is dismal. Behold exhibit A:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Holiday Gift Ever...

It's no secret that dogs (all of them, not just my own) hold a very special place in my heart. Mark and I have been so lucky with Griffin and Lola, and this time of year especially, I think it's important to remember our furry friends that may not be so lucky.

Both Griffin and Lola came to us from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, via Animal Advocates Alliance. The Baldwin Park Animal Shelter receives anywhere from 30 to 100 dogs A DAY, that are either brought in as strays or dumped by their former owners. Unfortunately not all of these dogs make it out, as L.A. County shelters are severely overcrowded, and the dogs (even the adoptable ones) have a very limited time to find their forever homes.

I shudder/cry/dread the thought of what if we had not gotten Lola or Griffin in time? You may think, well they're adorable and well behaved, someone else would have saved them. That's not always the case. Great dogs are euthanized daily at these shelters.

Okay, before you swear off of reading my blog forever because it's just too sad and depressing, I want to share with you the latest networking list of dogs at Baldwin Park. Along with each photo and description, there is a video of the dog. If you are not looking to add to your family, but know someone who might me, please pass the list along.

Latest Networking List

In addition, there will be an adoption event this Sunday, December 12th, at Pan Pacific Park in Hollywood from 11am-4pm.

And please, please, don't shop, adopt!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where cars go to die...

So I've been trying to work out at least three days a week during my lunch. Two of the three workouts are organized by a trainer, and the third I just wander around, making sure to include some hills for good measure. I came across these old cars and trams that are likely used as props now, but I thought they were just awesome and worth sharing.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Eating Naked

Before I tell you where Mark and I went for our anniversary dinner, I'd like to show off some photos.
Appetizer: amuse bouche (single bite) goat cheese-stuffed grape tomato

Salad Course: Mark: Baby green salad with a vegetable springroll, Me: Heirloom tomato salad with cucumbers and prosciutto wrapped melon

Entree: Mark: Fillet Mignon topped with shitake mushrooms, Me: Herb roasted chicken breast

Dessert: Mark and I shared a chocolate lava cake and mango panna cotta

No, there's nothing wrong with my camera... I surprised Mark with a dinner at Opaque. Opaque is a place I had heard and read about, but it wasn't until it was featured on groupon that I took the bait (it's rather expensive otherwise). The concept is unique -the entire dining experience takes place in pitch black darkness and the wait staff are all visually impaired.

The experience was amazing to say the least. Our order was taken in the reception area, and we were quickly greeted by our waitress, Beatrice. Mark and I lined up single file behind her as she led us into the darkness. She mapped out the table for us and explained where each of the items was or would be. There was a lot of nervous laughter -not just from us, but from other diners as well. We quickly acclimated to the darkness -and by that I don't mean that we adjusted, as this was the kind of darkness that you just can't adjust to.

The eating part of the experience was a bit more challenging. First we tried just stabbing at the plate, hoping to pick up some food, but I quickly resorted to using my hands when necessary. The food was delicious. It was hard to tell if I was picking up on more flavor because my senses were heightened, or because the flavors were just plain robust and yummy.

My favorite part of the meal was when Mark commented, "I wish I could eat naked all the time." It was hilarious and the table next to us thought so too. That's just how dark it was. We could have all been naked and no one would have known...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Portrait

Mark and I spent Thanksgiving in Austin this year, and it was great! The weather was fantastic, the food was amazing, and we got to spend quality time with the family.

Here are some photos from our family portrait session that Tali took.

This one is just too funny :)

I'm Thankful for the great visit, these lovely photos, and my wonderful family. :)

The way to a girl's heart

is through Sprinkles' cupcakes...

Mark had these sent to my office today, as it's our three year anniversary, not aninversary. (That was my bad, the NI smushed against the A, so I took it out and put it back upsidedown...). We'll celebrate tonight with sushi -we made sushi on our first date, and then tomorrow,for my gift to Mark, I'm taking us to a very special place for dinner. Shhhh, it's a surprise!