Saturday, August 22, 2009


Pardon my absence the last few days... We've been busy with non-house fun stuff. We went up to Santa Barbara on Thurs to see Depeche Mode which was AWESOME. Yesterday I got to hang out with Cliff and Esteban on the set of Project Rant. The actresses they filmed were fantastic, friendly and a pleasure to work with.

After that, Mark, Debbie, Joe and I went to the John Lovitz Comedy Club at Citywalk, where we enjoyed the hilllarious comedy of Kevin Shea. Who thought something like gingivitis could be so funny?

We have done a little sprucing of the place though. I was given two awesome plants for my birthday yesterday. I pray that I can keep them alive, as they are pretty and add so much to our living/dining rooms. This one is from Mom and Dad and sits atop our wine fridge.
This one is from Mark.
I also picked up a nice table runner and two accent candle holders for the kitchen table. What do you think? We'll eventually paint, get curtains for that window and add some color with art.

Mean Rachel got me the Domino book which I've wanted for ages. I plan on picking up some great tips and tricks.
In other news, our kitchen sink is on the fritz. It doesn't drain and gross water comes up the disposal side if you run water into the other sink. Draino doesn't help... Hopefully it will be covered under our home warranty -we'll find out next week. It's always something, right?

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