Monday, August 10, 2009

The day the blue carpet died

The blue carpet died a long, long time ago, I can still remember... Ok enough of that. Our new carpet was installed on Saturday. Boy, what a difference it has made! The house seems bigger, feels cleaner, and it is oh-so-fun to roll around on bare, newly carpeted floors!
We had to rally on Friday night to get things done so we could have the place ready to go on Sat morning. I finished painting trim and painted our master bath. Mark sealed the tile in the bathroom and living room mud area, helped install our toilet, and cleaned the place up in preparation. David finished grouting the bathroom. I left around 1am. Mark and David toughed it out until almost 4am! We've decided that our shower is our tribute to the Wailing Wall. You may not be quite as close to G-d as with the real deal, but feel free to come on over and slip notes in between the stones.

Having a working toilet is AWESOME! We went for two days without one and had to drive to the market down the street. Oy.

After the carpet was installed on Saturday, Mark and I decided to take it easy for the remainder of the day. We had a date night that included some fantastic Korean BBQ and some lounging on fresh new carpet. We had originally planned on seeing Funny People, but following dinner, we agreed we'd both pass out in the theatre. Instead, we headed to Urban Home, where we found our nightstands. They were on sale for $99 each and are the exact look we were going for.

Sunday included the obligatory trip to Ikea. We originally planned on only purchasing curtains and other accessories, but ended up splurging (is it fair to use "splurge" and "Ikea" in the same sentence?) on a dresser and a desk. Our friends Pops and Mindy graciously lent us their truck to go pick up our goodies and the remainder of the afternoon was spent assembling. I managed the desk assembly and curtain install in the office. Mark took on the dresser. I don't have any photos of the dresser because I had to leave mid-assembly for my softball game.
Below is me fake-sitting at the desk, eating a nectarine. You will notice that the curtains are waaaay long. Ikea makes all of their curtains super long, (I believe 104" but I'd have to double check); however, they include a do-it-yourself stitch-free hemming kit with all of them, so that you can customize them. The job requires an iron and ironing board, so it will have to wait.

This week will be spent packing for the most part. Mark and I are counting down the days -literally.

Mark: You know what I just did?
Me: What?
Mark: Took the last Monday morning shower ever in that bathroom.
Me: Niiiiice.

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tali said...

LOVE all the changes and your bathroom especially. I'm so excited for you guys, and can't wait to see the rest!