Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Riddance Kitchen...

Mark and I spent the greater part of this weekend prepping for the demolition that will ensue on Tuesday. That's right, friends, our kitchen goes bye-bye come this Tuesday.

I focused on clearing out and packing the kitchen, while Mark worked on clearing out the garage to make room for our temporary kitchen/kitchen storage.

Sometimes you don't realize how much cookware you have until you have to pack it all up. I packed up six, yes that's right SIX pyrex dishes. Granted, a few are different sizes, but lemme tell you, if you're having a lasagna & kugel potluck, I'm your gal. Really.

We also took the opportunity to get organized in the garage and get some racks and shelves to store our tools.

Come Tuesday, Lola and Griffin are headed to Doggie Day Care and our kitchen is getting done-torn-up like nobody's business. The cabinets - gone. Floors- say goodbye. And that hood! -serious tears of joy with that farewell...

We have gotten a great deal on custom cabinetry and will be going with a shaker style cabinet in a chocolate brown stain. We decided to go a little bit lighter than the original espresso, because we don't want the space to feel small.

Stay tuned for more photos of the demo and kitchen in progress!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm baaaack! I think. Who knows for how long. It's been months. ages. eons. I'm still alive and kickin! In case anyone is wondering, or still reading for that matter, the main reason for my hiatus is I took on a new role at work which is more challenging than what I was doing before. I spend all day in front of my computer and the last thing I want to do is go home and be on my computer again. I love my new job though, and hopefully as I get more settled, the gaps between posts will be smaller and smaller.

Let's see. In the time I've been gone,
we got grass!

Lola got a brother! -Meet Griffin.

Griffin graduated puppy school!

...and Dahlia Jane, my adorable niece turned two months old.

So much more has happened. We grated the back yard (de-weeded and leveled), got a ping pong table, and have been getting closer and closer to starting the kitchen.

We've been out of town most weekends for weddings, camping, etc, but we'll be here this weekend, and hopefully make time to replant some hydrangeas and clear out the garage so we can relocate the kitchen in there. Stay tuned!