Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving day - Part 1

Phew! What a day! We pretty much moved in today... The big furniture will be moved in on Sunday, but everything else is here. We will be spending our first night in the house tonight!

Our sectional and the guest bed were delivered today. I am in loooooove with our couch. It's so cozy and comfy. We custom ordered it through Michael's Furniture, (you know, "your neighbors shop here tooooo!") upon the recommendation of friends. The back cushions are all down and you just sink into it.
I had lots of other projects scattered throughout the day. Aside from moving our stuff out of the condo, I did laundry, lined shelves in the kitchen, hung curtains in the master, and put together the guest bed. It doesn't sound like much when I write it down, but my tired-o-meter is maxed out.

Our guest room is pretty much done for now. We need to figure out what to do for the headboard/over the bed art. I'm open to suggestions! (Keep in mind that we live in earthquake country, so any over the bed art has to be light weight.)

Mark and our friend Kevin just put together our grill and we are about to enjoy our first bbq in our new house!

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