Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's Progress...

It's been a long day... I got to the house at 8 this morning and immediately started painting the office. I got through two walls before I decided that I wasn't down with the broken window sill and decided to pry it off. Construction David helped me re-frame the window with drywall and then I gooped it up with patching compound.
David was tasked with reframing the base of the shower because we decided we wanted to "hot-mop" the shower base instead of going with a pvc liner to water-proof it. "Hot-mopping" is when you coat the base of the shower with tar. That will be completed tomorrow morning and David will commence with the tiling on Sunday.
The appliances arrived around noon. The fridge is up and running, but the water and ice aren't connected because we have to replace a leaky water valve. We're still enjoying the fridge in all her glory -blue protective shield and all... Mark joined us in the afternoon. He helped me take apart the closets and prep them for painting and then headed to the backyard for some treed erradication. He chopped "them weeds" up good!
A couple more photos from the day.

David saved us a pink tile from the shower that was.

I strike a pose mid-mudding.


Myles said...

why are you ruining all that great UT gear? Go get some overalls.

Shiriously said...

Myles - I'm representin'! You wouldn't want readers to think I went to SC, would you?