Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Wasted and Time Enjoyed

I'll keep this short because I'm about to head to the house to work with Mark. As I mentioned yesterday, the paint in the bathroom is just not sticking -mainly on two walls. We're going to have to peel/scrape it off and re-prime with a special primer that is designed for semi and high gloss paint. Kind of sucks that I spent so much time on that this weekend. Lesson learned.

Yesterday after work, I met Mark at the house. We checked out Construction David's progress on the framing (looking good so far,) and we peeled some of the paint off the bathroom wall.

We also enjoyed a romantic dinner over our toilet. Classy, huh? It's amazing how much fun you can have enjoying a meal with someone you love over a toilet...


Mean Rachel said...

aww wifey, i'll eat over a toilet with you anytime. i'm glad you have this blog because now i can at least pretend.
sorry you had to redo the primer. that SUCKS.
p.s. your hair looks great!

Shiri Jaffe said...

Mean Rachel - Thanks! Soon you'll enjoy the luxury of not straightening your hair too! Hopefully by the time you come visit we'll be able to enjoy a meal over a real table.

Libby at Aurora Primavera said...

I shall be following this blog shireligiously. There is nothing I love more than home improvement. I see great potential already! House Beautiful has great online photos to browse through by color, decor style,kitch/bath ideas.

Shiriously said...

Libby! Thanks for the new shirminology! I just came up with that one myself :). I will definitely check out the House Beautiful link. We need all the help we can get!