Monday, July 13, 2009

Grout-chy Oven Lovin' (thanks Mark)

What a weekend! The pipe burst was completed on Friday and we now have a fully functional sewer line! The garage door was installed as well. It's beautiful and the quietest garage I've ever heard (or not heard, because it's that quiet)!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent cleaning, fixing toilets, caulking, cleaning, lining shelves, scrubbing, sweeping, cleaning, taping, and cleaning. I spent all of Friday on the guest bathroom. This one is not in our remodel budget, so I decided to see what can be done about the awful black grout in the shower. Photos cannot convey just how bad this was (but I'll show you anyway).

A friend suggested a solution of equal parts water and vinegar as a safe alternative to bleach (and much less harsh on the grout). I put the solution in a spray bottle and scrubbed with a grout brush. It was a grout miracle worker!!!

I then removed all of the caulk from the tub. Previous owners had used the do it yourself caulking strips that come on a roll. Only problem is they didn't remove the moldy grout from beneath. EWWWWWWWW. It took a lot of scraping to get the 1960s black caulk off (hehehe), but in the end, it was a huge success! I let the area sit and dry over night and reapplied caulk (this time with a caulking gun) on Saturday.

Check out the white grout!!!

The bathroom is now taped off and ready to be painted!

As for Mark, his weekend consisted of 8 or so trips to Home Depot and Target (I went on a couple of those runs), scrubbing the #$(*& out of our once naaaasty dirty oven that is now sparkling clean, bug fogging, wall scrubbing, door removing, and hose figure outing.

He did such an amazing job with the oven! I wish I had gotten a better before shot. The oven had to be dustbusted first, there was so much gunk in there!

Oh! And lock installing! Mark changed out all of the locks/knobs in the house. *Note to listing agent: your Supra is dangling from our mailbox still attached to the knob.

As I said, what a weekend! We had a blast though! Good music and great company. A massage or hot tub soak right about now would be nice though...


tali said...

Awesome tip! I'm going to try it on my grout this weekend :)

Jillian said...

I can't believe the transformation of the blue bathroom. It looked pretty gnarly but now I'd be thrilled to shower in there! I'm impressed. Keep the updates coming...I need entertainment at work!

Mean Rachel said...

looks really shiny white!!

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