Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paint it Black

We closed yesterday!!! -We have wasted no time at all. Replacing the sewer line to the street has begun today. Hopefully the garage will be replaced on Friday and all of the work will follow shortly thereafter so we can get to the fun stuff... PAINTING!!!

If you ever want to really get to know your significant other, task him or her with picking out paint colors. Apparently Mark and I do not see eye to eye on what colors each room should be. At all. Last week I asked him what color he wanted the guest room, and he said "purple and gold." I thought about it for a second and thought it could actually look really neat with one wall a deep purple with redish undertones, and the rest of the walls slightly lighter, with white trim and some gold accent pieces. I even went as far as to check out the Sherwin Williams color visualizer tool. I had it all worked out before Mark so graciously told me that he was totally kidding. Shucks.

As for our bedroom, we have white bedding with green accents, so I was hoping to paint the walls a light silvery grey like the photo above. Mark's not a huge fan of grey. Any suggestions?
I will be swinging by my soon to be home (depot) away from home to pick up swatches tonight. I guess the real fun will start once we've made up our minds...


Mean Rachel said...

what about sherwin williams #6469 Dewey? it's more blue than grey, but still silvery. I've really enjoyed having a silvery blue on my bedroom wall/curtains.

Al Christopher Deere said...

whaaaasssssuppppp ???2