Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We picked out the tile for the guest bath! We're going with Daltile octagon dot in matte white. I saw it on sale at the West Hills Lowe's last night for $2.57 per sqft! Unfortunately someone had already cleaned them out, leaving only a couple of broken sheets. Luckily, we were able to find the 45 sqft we need at the Burbank location. Just to give you an idea, this tile retails for $3.99 at Home Depot, so imagine my excitement to see it at such a great price! -Plus I think it's just what that bathroom needs.
We still haven't decided on grout color yet. I know it will look best in white, but I'm not really thrilled at the thought of cleaning it, so maybe a light grey. Do you think grey grout will just look like dirty white? I think the grout shown below is a little too dark, but it gives a good idea.

My goal is to pick up the tile and prime at least one room tonight. I have Friday off, at which time our appliances will be delivered and phone line installed, so I'll have some solid time to paint. I'm super-psyched about our appliances! Well really just our fridge. The washer and dryer are pretty vanilla, but they'll be in the garage and out of sight. But our fridge! She's a beaut, aint she?

I can almost guarantee you will never find upright celery sticks or a lemon cake on a pedestal in our new fridge, but I may be a little inspired once it's sitting in our totally dated kitchen, so all bets are off!
***UPDATE*** I was at Home Depot over the weekend and discovered that they sell the same Octo-dot tile for $2.57, regular price, not on sale. I now can't find where I saw that it was $3.99 per sqft. Anyhow, I'm not sure if you have a preference between Lowe's and Home Depot, but lately I've had better luck with customer service and finding what I need at the 'Depot. My sister, Tali, mentioned that she went to Home Depot looking for the same tile and they only had it with white octogons with black dots; however, they offered to special order the one she wanted for the same price. Talk about service.


Mean Rachel said...

I have grey grout in my bathroom and can tell you that when it gets dirty, it just starts to look black. Until you scrub it, and then it looks like you cleaned a little of the dirt off to make it look grey again.

Love the fridge!

Shiriously said...

Mean Rachel - So does it look good as grey when it's clean? Or would you prefer white? I found a nice light grey yesterday called "warm grey" that I think I'm going to go with.

tali said...

I'm going to Lowes right after work to see if I find those tiles to use in my own bathroom :)So yeah, I'd say I like em!

Mary said...

Nice choice in tile! I chose the same for my bathroom. My boyfriend just installed it tonight. What color grout did you end up using? i still haven't picked out the grout color yet.

Shiriously said...

Mary- we went with white, which I regret. It looks nice, but my sister went with the same tile and a light grey grout, and I think it's better -also less to worry about and keep after.