Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Blue'n'daboodeeaboodai

Ok, I never really knew the words to that song, but it's the only catchy title I could come up with on this lovely Sunday mornin'. I spent the day painting our guest bathroom (again). This time there was no messing around. I painted two coats of Killz (as in the fumes from this stuff killz me) oil based primer. I followed that by two coats of Behr Endure, a lovely purplish blue.
The finished product was much more successful than the first time around. The cabinets will be next. They need to be stripped and repainted as the paint is coming off in sheets. We will also be picking up some white moulding to wrap the mirror with. Woah! Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This is some of the artwork we picked out for the bath. First is a photo of bluebonnets that Tali gave me when I left my sweet home of Texas for California, and reminded me that the bluebonnets would be waiting for me should I decide to return.
The second is entitled "Shiiiiiiitshark." I bought this gocco print on Etsy from Argyle Whale and thought it was super appropriate. Most people know that Mark and my "couples name" is "Shark." The irony is that I am terrified of sharks...
Today we will be chillin', hitting up Homegoods for some art/accessories, bbqing with our friends, and then I have my last pre-playoffs softball game this evening. Weekends are the best!

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