Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pants Party!

Yesterday Mark and I went to both the Salvation Army and Goodwill hunting (ha!) for a good chair specimen for my makeover project. I liked one chair we saw that had cane backing and cushioned seat but Mark was not a fan. I guess this may take time.

What I did find though, was a pair of Banana Republic wool pants from last winter, in my size (or so I thought). I'm pretty consistent with my size at BR, so I didn't think to try them on, and at $6.49 for pants that I tried on when they were almost $100, I was willing to take that chance. Apparently petite was not petite enough for the pants' original owner. They had been shortened and are just a wee bit too high-water for my taste.

Solution? I bought a sewing machine! Okay, okay. That's not why I bought it. I asked my parents for one for my birthday and finally picked it out yesterday. I read through half of the manual last night and look forward to finishing it up and getting started soon.So how am I going to fix pants that are too short with a sewing machine? I'm going to make them shorter! Fall is almost here, so I figure a good pair of wool cropped pants will be a nice addition to my fall collection. And if I screw up? It's a $6.49 mistake and I'm sure there will be plenty to come.

I haven't worked with a sewing machine since my failed attempt at a shirt back in my Gaines Ranch days. It resulted in a stylish camera pouch (don't ask). I figure reading the manual will help. -That and practice. I've already got grand ideas of things I'll make for the Wildbaby, accent pillows for our house, and designer fashion pieces *start small Shiri!*. Stay tuned for progress!

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