Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I heart art

Mark and I started hanging up pictures today and it's clear we're going to have to expand our collection in a serious way. Our art-to-wall ratio is at an all time low.

This one is a photo that Mark took on our second date (a five day trip to Arizona for Thanksgiving). We went on a great hike in Sedona with the Singers, where Mark saw this beautiful tree and captured it with the red rocks in the background. I blew it up and framed it for him for Hanukkah a couple of years ago.
This is a photo of our bicycles somewhere around Manhattan Beach. Mark took this too and adjusted it to sepia tones. Whenever I look at this photo, I miss living by the beach. Granted I wasn't quite a stone's throw from the water, it was still a nice brisk bike ride away. Mark and I invested in a bike rack a few months ago, so we've since been able to get our cruisers back to the coast like the good ol' days (and by "good ol' days," I mean last year).
I know, these posts are getting borrrrring, but have faith, I will have more to share soon. Mark and I are going to meet my folks up in Sonoma for some wine tasting this holiday weekend. Plus, we have plans to paint around our french door and hang curtains over it before we leave. Lastly, next week, I hope to finally repaint our guest bathroom and hang some art that I've been dying to share!

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