Thursday, September 3, 2009

Open letter to Target

Dear Target,

Would you please consider making a knockoff version of Jonathan Adler's new customizable rugs? Heck, they don't even have to be customizable, you can just use the colors that I chose for my rug.


Ok, shiriously though, as much as I'd love to order this baby for under our coffee table or our bedroom, $1050 for a 5'x7' just isn't in our decorating budget right now. But if money was no object, Jonathan Adler would likely have all of my business (and money for that matter). I love this concept. Your own color choice for a fabulous hand loomed rug! There are a handful of patterns to choose from. The new customizable line also boasts pillows and totes for a much cheaper option.

It's fun to at least play with the designs and dream. If anyone knows where I can find a similar geometric patterned rug like the one above for less, please share!

In other news, as promised, Mark and I finally painted around the french door and hung our curtains. I still need to hem the bottoms though. All that's left to do is put some moulding around the door and paint it (it will stay white).

Now I'm off to catch up on True Blood. Good night!


Nicole said...

You need to hit up Home Goods. Great selection of awesome rugs, all sizes and only a quarter of the regular price!

Shiriously said...

Nicole- I loooooove Home Goods. I have been scouring their rugs pretty frequently. Hopefully the look I'm going for will pop up there soon.