Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whine Country

***Note*** I started writing this post a week ago, but for various reasons put off posting it.

Mark and I spent Labor Day weekend with my folks up in wine country. We arrived in San Francisco early Saturday morning and met up with my parents, who had arrived a little while earlier. Mark and Dad got our rental car and we were on our way to....
...yes, Sonoma! The schlepp took forrrrreeeever! As you probably heard on the news, the Bay Bridge had been shut down due to the discovery of a crack, so far more people were taking the Golden Gate Bridge. Combine that with a holiday weekend, and well, you've got the perfect storm for horrrrrrible traffic. We didn't get to our resort in Windsor until the late afternoon.

We made a pit-stop at G.I.Joe's (that's Hebrish for Trader Joe's). My folks don't have Trader Joe's in Austin, so my dad was stumbling for the name and came up with that. It stuck. We chilled for the rest of the evening.

We started early on Sunday, but not before Mark made everyone a fabulous breakfast. My dad had mapped us a rough route that would lead us to both Sonoma and Napa.

We stopped at Ledson Vineyards first. This vineyard was absolutely beautiful and the wine was delicious! *It was the only wine I drank on the whole trip as I was on antibiotics and shouldn't have been drinking at all. Hence: whine.* We continued the route stopping at various wineries and galleries on the way. Below is the house on the Ledson Vineyard property.

Monday, we decided to pack up and leave early. Since the drive to wine country took so long, we decided to give ourselves plenty of time to get back to the city. We drove on Sir Francis Drake towards to most Western pt. in the U.S. We made it almost the whole way, and then dad decided it's just the shore and we should turn around. Awesome.

We checked out the lookout point over the Golden Gate Bridge which was amazing. A great trip overall!

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