Monday, July 12, 2010

Soffit to me

Mark and I checked a few more kitchen-prep items off our list this weekend! It feels so good to know we're getting closer and closer to the finished product.

First, we had someone come and build out a couple of soffits. In case you're unfamiliar with what a soffit is, here is the wikipedia definition (see bullet #4). In our formerly known as the kitchen, kitchen, the cabinets over the refrigerator only came out 15", however our refrigerator is 30"+ deep. That makes for lots of climbing on cabinets and step ladders to reach paper towels. The new soffit will span the depth of the refrigerator to accommodate deeper cabinets.

framework for the soffit

finished soffit
The other soffit was just a 1" addition to the existing soffit to allow for nice crown molding at the top of our cabinets.

In other adventures, there was some stucco patching, flashing (not the arrestable offense kind, the waterproofing your house kind), granite scouting, and stain sampling.

We made a trip to a local stone yard where we took a few samples of slabs we like. Currently, pistachio is a front runner for us, with desert sand as a close (cheaper) second.

at the stone yard...

pistachio, our front runner

Lastly, we paid a visit to Jimmy, our cabinet maker to check out some stain samples. Both Mark and I are in love with the distressed look, but it is a little cost prohibitive (cabinet #1). We will most likely be going with a chocolatey walnut look (cabinets #2 + #3, but in the shaker style of #1).

It was super cool to see our plans all laid out.

our future kitchen

Oh! And my niece, Dahlia, just turned 3 months... Are those not the most pinchable cheeks you've ever seen?!

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