Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sink Hole...

...No, not the scary ones that swallow your house! -The ones that you slide your undermount sink into. Duh!
The kitchen is moving along quite quickly. The cabinets are done! They look better than I ever imagined!
this one looks a tad orange -photo below is more accurate

Our counters were measured for the granite last night, which will be installed early next week and in the meantime, the tile goes in tomorrow and Thurs.

Meanwhile, Mark and I enjoyed a quick one-night vacation in Paso Robles this weekend with our good friends Adrienne and Brian. We did a great job stocking up our wine fridge!


Mean Rachel said...

They look beaautttifull!! I love them!! And the microwave looks quite nice.
Went to Juan in a Million today with Grace...thought of you of course. "Honk if you hate joggers!"
P.S. I love Mark's hair!

Shiriously said...

MR - Thanks!!! You have to come see the kitchen in person. Please??? Good ol' Juan in a Million! I'm a little jealous. I will attempt to replicate the trashcan taco (aka the Don Juan) once our kitchen is complete. :)