Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitchen Confident Y'all

So you know how I thought we had two weeks until install? Well having been through many-a-construction projects with quoted timelines that are way optimistic, I thought, eh, we've probably got two and a half, maybe three weeks. Wrong. We got a call from the cabinet maker on Monday (one week into construction), telling us he could install as early as Tuesday (yesterday). So that joke I made about breathing into a paper bag last week wasn't too far from the truth.

While we didn't have to install this week, we figured, having a kitchen is better than not having one, right? So the plan of me miraculously learning how to tape, mud and skim coat drywall quickly flew out the window and we had our handy man come in and do it.

Mark and I then rallied until late last night to prime and paint the areas around the cabinets that will be visible.

Surprise! Mark shaved his head!

this totally brings back memories...

All of this was done because the cabinets are being installed today!!! I waited at home for them to arrive this morning so that I could see them in their uninstalled, unfinished state.
The cabinet above that looks like a speaker box is actually going to house our wine fridge

these are the uppers you don't need rehab for using, but please don't abuse them

I can't wait to see what awaits me when I come home tonight!!!

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