Sunday, January 3, 2010

When I sago

...Oy... We spent the last couple of hours at the emergency vet with Lola. She got into a pile of our yard clippings that included some sago palm frawns which are highly poisonous to dogs (and people). I found a chewed up frawn on her outside doggie bed and called animal poison control. The vet said that since we don't know what she actually ingested, we had to take it seriously no matter what. The toxin in sago palms is known to cause liver failure. The vet induced vomit and gave her some active charcoal, which sucks up any lingering toxins. She was happy before and after and never showed any signs of sickness, but typical symptoms of liver problems may not show up for 2-3 days, so we'd rather not take any chances...***Update*** It's been four hours since we returned from the vet and Lola is doing great.

The morning was filled with Mark working on a second B.o.P. root bush, taking down our Hanukkah lights, weed wacking, and I worked on the guest bath. I had my protective gear on, just to be safe.

I first cut a 4"x 4" where the mold was at the top of the mirror. The back of the drywall was looking good and dry. I then realized that there was trouble at the bottom of the mirror, where we had seen just a tiny bit of mold. The drywall was wet all the way through. Mark helped me saw out the damaged goods which was another 4"x 10" or so.
I then stuck my camera in the opening to take some pictures and see if I could see more signs of trouble. It looks all clear. The stud that was backing the drywall is still damp, so we are leaving the opening for a few days to make sure the entire area can dry out before we seal it up.

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