Friday, January 29, 2010

Surviving on Cabbage Soup

I'm baaaaack! Sort of... Sometimes the motivation to sit and blog just escapes me, and this week it has escaped me a lot! Mark and I were inspired by a couple of friends to take on the cabbage soup cleansing diet. Crazy, I know. We have eaten nothing but fruits, vegetables and cabbage soup for 4+ days now. Today is day 5 of 7 and we finally get to weave protein back in, and I am stoked! We have gone to bed super early all week, which has helped us get through this insane diet. I can't say I'm really suffering. I feel fairly energized and I know that this is helping Mark and I prove to ourselves that we can eat healthy if we put our minds to it. After this week, we'll surely abandon some of the insanity of this diet, but I plan to keep loading up on fruits and veggies which I didn't do enough of before.

But the bigger more exciting news is we get our windows tomorrow!!! We actually already have them -they're all lined up in our garage- but tomorrow is installation day! The thought of not hearing distant sirens and nearby motorcycles as if they're right outside our window... ahhhhhhhhh.

I will definitely be including some before and afters, so stay tuned.

In other news, Tali and Cliff are working diligently on the nursery. Cliff did the painting while Tali was here a couple of weeks ago, and the bedding is well underway. You can see photos of the nursery-in-progress here.

They were kind enough to video tape the unveiling of the first baby room accessory received -the doxie lamp!

Happy Friday!!!

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