Thursday, January 14, 2010

Behind these leaky pipes

-or rather 'behind that moldy wall'... I heard Kelly Clarkson's Behind These Hazel Eyes on the elevator this morning and it's been in my head ever since. Leaky pipes -well not anymore! As you may recall we had a few leaks fixed a week and a half ago and then discovered mold behind our guest bath mirror. What I haven't shared, was that there was yet another leak going on that we discovered in the wall. It's like in the cartoons when the character sticks his finger in a leak to stop it, the water just pops out somewhere else. -But no more! Our shower is back in working order, sans leaks!

In better news, Ryan, whom you may remember from the BoP eradication post not long ago, came back into town to stay with us and help us with the house. He and Mark took on another project last night but I'm not quite ready to share it. I'll give you a hint though...

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