Friday, December 3, 2010

Eating Naked

Before I tell you where Mark and I went for our anniversary dinner, I'd like to show off some photos.
Appetizer: amuse bouche (single bite) goat cheese-stuffed grape tomato

Salad Course: Mark: Baby green salad with a vegetable springroll, Me: Heirloom tomato salad with cucumbers and prosciutto wrapped melon

Entree: Mark: Fillet Mignon topped with shitake mushrooms, Me: Herb roasted chicken breast

Dessert: Mark and I shared a chocolate lava cake and mango panna cotta

No, there's nothing wrong with my camera... I surprised Mark with a dinner at Opaque. Opaque is a place I had heard and read about, but it wasn't until it was featured on groupon that I took the bait (it's rather expensive otherwise). The concept is unique -the entire dining experience takes place in pitch black darkness and the wait staff are all visually impaired.

The experience was amazing to say the least. Our order was taken in the reception area, and we were quickly greeted by our waitress, Beatrice. Mark and I lined up single file behind her as she led us into the darkness. She mapped out the table for us and explained where each of the items was or would be. There was a lot of nervous laughter -not just from us, but from other diners as well. We quickly acclimated to the darkness -and by that I don't mean that we adjusted, as this was the kind of darkness that you just can't adjust to.

The eating part of the experience was a bit more challenging. First we tried just stabbing at the plate, hoping to pick up some food, but I quickly resorted to using my hands when necessary. The food was delicious. It was hard to tell if I was picking up on more flavor because my senses were heightened, or because the flavors were just plain robust and yummy.

My favorite part of the meal was when Mark commented, "I wish I could eat naked all the time." It was hilarious and the table next to us thought so too. That's just how dark it was. We could have all been naked and no one would have known...

Happy Friday!

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