Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Holiday Gift Ever...

It's no secret that dogs (all of them, not just my own) hold a very special place in my heart. Mark and I have been so lucky with Griffin and Lola, and this time of year especially, I think it's important to remember our furry friends that may not be so lucky.

Both Griffin and Lola came to us from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, via Animal Advocates Alliance. The Baldwin Park Animal Shelter receives anywhere from 30 to 100 dogs A DAY, that are either brought in as strays or dumped by their former owners. Unfortunately not all of these dogs make it out, as L.A. County shelters are severely overcrowded, and the dogs (even the adoptable ones) have a very limited time to find their forever homes.

I shudder/cry/dread the thought of what if we had not gotten Lola or Griffin in time? You may think, well they're adorable and well behaved, someone else would have saved them. That's not always the case. Great dogs are euthanized daily at these shelters.

Okay, before you swear off of reading my blog forever because it's just too sad and depressing, I want to share with you the latest networking list of dogs at Baldwin Park. Along with each photo and description, there is a video of the dog. If you are not looking to add to your family, but know someone who might me, please pass the list along.

Latest Networking List

In addition, there will be an adoption event this Sunday, December 12th, at Pan Pacific Park in Hollywood from 11am-4pm.

And please, please, don't shop, adopt!

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