Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tribute to the 8bit Nintendo

Although we lived in our house this time last year, this is the first year we've gotten into any sort of Halloween spirit. Last year, you may remember was Mark's 30th birthday and we spent it in Boston. Thankfully, no disgruntled trick or treaters egged our house. Therefore, we will show our appreciation by giving out candy this year...

We've done some minor (I stress minor) decorating inside and out. Outside, we switched the regular bulb in our entryway light to a black (purple) one. I also (wait for it.... wait for it....) bought a pumpkin! I plan to carve it this weekend -but not sure what I'll carve just yet.

Inside, I just strung up some of that fake spiderwebby stuff, put out a black ceramic pumpkin, some candy corn in a bowl *(I just learned from a friend that combining candy corn in a bowl with peanuts is amazing! If you eat them in the same bite, it totally tastes like a Payday bar. You're welcome.), and a fallish candle.

And of course Halloween isn't Halloween without some costumes! For this Halloween I decided I was going to put together a costume with things I already had. So I'm a duck hunter. Believe it or not, I already had that orange hat with ear flaps. I also have a fake rifle and a stuffed Canadian goose (dog toy). Before you think me super barbaric, hunting Canadian geese prevents overpopulation... and emergency landings in the Hudson. That and my friend Debbie is Mario, so it was only fitting that I be duck hunt. :)
I also took it upon myself to dress up the dogs. Lola aka Lolicious aka Licious is a butterfly. Griffin aka Grifferdoodle aka Puppy is wearing a collar and tie, and a hat which obviously makes him Tony Soprano. Duh!
Happy Halloween!!!

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