Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Star is Born!!!!

No, Wildbaby hasn't arrived yet -that was just the theme of the shower we had for Tali last weekend.

We honestly didn't plan the theme around Oscar weekend, that was purely coincidental. The theme was just fitting, with Cliff working in film, Tali being a photographer, plus the fact that Tali loves all things starry.

There was no Joan Rivers, no Charlize in a boobified gown, but there WAS a red carpet! (red felt yardage)...

Tali only made two requests for her shower. One was a onesie decorating station, and the other was cake pops. She asked and we delivered!

not quite at Bakerella's skill level, but they sure tasted great!

this was the onesie I decorated for Wildgirl

We even made a starrified cocktail (with a virgin option, of course), that contained OJ, rum, triple sec, sprite and sliced starfruit for garnish. Sooooo delicious!

Nadia, one of the hostesses and a photographer, set up a star-studded photo booth for guests to glam it up with the guest(s) of honor.

Overall the shower was a blast (I think Tali and Wildbaby would agree). :)

the proud parents

Tali with Alison and Carolyn (two of the hostesses)

Sisterly love :)

Tali & Nadia (photographer and hostess)

with mah ladies Rachel & Martha


it aint easy being so glamorous...

and of course one for Grandma :)

All photobooth photos courtesy of Nadia Caffesse, Full Tilt Photography

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