Monday, March 1, 2010

She's joking, right?

Over the past couple of rainy weekends, I have taken advantage of being stuck inside and purged a good 50lbs+. (Of clothes! duh!) I cleaned out the office closet, or at least started. This closet houses all of my overflow. There were items in there that I haven't worn in years.

Mark's advice was, "If you haven't worn it in six months, get rid of it." I can't quite abide by that logic seeing as how I'm a pretty finicky dresser and tend to return to clothing items that were once forgotten. But I did get rid of 1 suitcase full, 3 trash bags full, and 1 Loehman's bag full of clothing. That's a lot for me. I wish I had gotten a photo of everything before it was gone.

At least I know that my candidacy for the show Hoarders is no longer looming. I loaded up my car and went to our local Goodwill. After unloading all of the goods, I decided to go into the store and check out the chair selection.

I found a perfect specimen! It was only $5.99 -solid wood, hideous seat cushion in serious need of reupholstery. This project will include sanding down the chair, staining it in a dark espresso finish, and repadding and recovering the seat in lime green zebra print.

Wait a minute. Did she just say "lime green zebra print"????! What is this chick smoking???

That's what I said! It's okay, Mark thinks I'm crazy too. -But the green isn't a neon lime. It perfectly matches our drapes and accent pillows, and at a sale price of $6.30 a yard for upholstery fabric, I couldn't turn it down.

The beauty of this project is, a) if the fabric looks horrible once the chair is done, it's a quick and easy fix, since this chair just needs the seat covered and it will require no sewing, and b) if the whole chair looks like crap, well, it cost me about $25 for the chair and all of the materials, so I think I can live with that. But have faith, ye of little faith! I do! I'm pretty sure if I can ever get this project started and uhhh finished, it will look great!

*photos of the chair coming soon*

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