Friday, February 12, 2010


Mark and I tried pilates for the first time last night. Our dear friend Adrienne has been doing it for quite some time now and after admiring her tone and definition *in as minimally a creepy way as possible* Mark and I finally accepted her referral to her pilates instructor.

...We. Are. Sore. It was a fantastic experience though, and we plan to work it into our really busy workout schedule. Okay, that's a lie. It's not really busy, but we're committing to doing this at least once a week, while peppering in (yeah I just said peppering in...) some cardio and resistance training throughout the week.

Unlike mat pilates, which I've tried on Exercise on Demand before, Linda uses pilates equipment in her studio. We got to experience the reformer... -Am I the only person that hears/says/reads the word "reformer" and wants to bust out in Snow's Informah, you know skibopidoodlie down the laaane, a liki boomboom down? That's just how I roll.

Following our intense pilates lesson, Mark and I welcomed dinner of a South of the Border salad from Stonefire and three Advil. each.

Nobody said it was easy...

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