Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the love of potatoes

If you are unfamiliar with The Pioneer Woman, I think it's about time you get real familiar. Tali introduced me to this blog as well as the Tasty Kitchen which is a food community that the Pioneer Woman created. Both are fun to follow, and the recipes, don't get me started! Okay, do get me started...

I tried Ree's recipe for Crash Hot Potatoes yesterday, and MAN! It's like french fries, with none of the guilt and way more flavor. (That's a huge compliment coming from me.)

I switched up the recipe just a smidge because I didn't have the patience to boil the potatoes. I nuked the potatoes instead. I also added a little garlic powder and since I didn't have fresh rosemary on hand, I chopped up the dry variety.

We paired these with some grilled chicken that Mark has perfected *slow and steady is the name of the game* and some corn and peas.

This one gets 5 mitts (that's a Tasty Kitchen two thumbs up) from me and will surely be revisited! SOON!

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