Monday, August 16, 2010

Get'er Done

We had such a busy weekend! Tons got accomplished (mostly thanks to Mark and our good friend Ryan).

First and foremost, I can no longer refer to our abode as the "Peach Palace" because Mark and Ryan painted the house! It is now painted Dunn Edwards' "Floating Lily Pad." It looks like a completely different house!
Sometime in the next few years, I would like to add a stone facade to the bottom half of the front of the house. Something like this. We also plan to eventually get a new front door. We're thinking a dark wood with wrought iron details.

Next on the list, Ryan helped install some under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. I call it the "I'm not waiting up for you" light.

We also finally got the mirror back up in our guest bathroom. Remember that snafu we had with the mold behind the mirror that I discovered when I was prepping the mirror for molding? That wasn't the molding I was going for... We fixed all of the problems, but the mirror had been sitting in our hallway for over six months. Well no more! I repainted the new drywall, and Mark and Ryan got the mirror and the molding up, and it looks fantastic! We also finally hung a towel bar and a hook so that towels don't have to be draped over the shower curtain rod.

I also spent some time sanding and painting cabinet doors for the bathroom, Mark installed a nice new medicine cabinet, and let's not forget the lovely new house numbers next to our front door.

There's nothing like hosting visitors to light a fire under our tucheses...
Lola's first trip to Home Depot


tali said...

LOVE IT! If I remember correctly, it was the week before my last visit when you had to take down the mirror... can't wait to see all of the updates in person!!

Shiriously said...

Tali - Thanks! Yeah. It's been THAT long! We're not afraid of our own reflections, as some may think based on the fact that both of our bathrooms had the mirrors taken down... Now we just need to get our mirror back up in the master.

Mean Rachel said...

LOVE the floating lily pad. I think the Peach Place should now be referred to as the Lily Pad for obvious reasons.
Also, it looks like it was born for a stone facade!
Now, if I could just get my "tuch" out to Cali!

Shiriously said...

Rachel - What an idea! The Lily Pad it is! Yes, we would love to host your tuches!